Digital Business Transformation
  • Process Transformation Optimizing, automating, and innovating operations through digital technology for enhanced efficiency and growth.
  • Ecosystem Transformation Creating interconnected networks of partners, platforms, and customers, fostering collaboration and shared value.
  • Business Model Transformation Revamping traditional business models, leveraging digital technology to create new value propositions and revenue streams
  • Domain Transformation Expanding businesses into digital spaces, innovating and adapting to capture new market opportunities.
  • Cultural/Organizational Transformation Restructuring and aligning business by integrating digital culture and technologies for agility and adaptability.
  • Customer Experience Transformation Elevating customer engagement using data-driven, personalized, seamless digital experiences and channels

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Customer SAED Group Industry Human Resources Services Organization Size Large (1,000 - 9,999 employees) Products and Services SERP HCMS, ERP, Mobilization and Apps, Portals, Robotics, BI for Dashboards, CRM Country Saudi Arabia
SAED Group is Manpower Company, a leading provider of Human Resources Services, faced challenges in managing their extensive operations efficiently. They struggled with manual processes, lack of real-time data, and disjointed communication. To overcome these hurdles, they decided to implement ERP solutions, which ultimately led to remarkable success and growth. Read more
Customer owned of AL RAEDA Recruitment Company Industry Talent acquisition Organization Size Mid-Size (50+ employees) Products and Services Job Connect Platform, SERP HCMS, ERP, Mobilization and Apps, BI for Dashboards Country Saudi Arabia
AL RAEDA Recruitment Company, a prominent player in the staffing and recruitment industry, faced inefficiencies and delays in their hiring process. Seeking a solution to streamline their recruitment operations, they decided to implement a state-of-the-art Recruitment Portal Solution. The outcome was a remarkable success story, as the company achieved significant improvements in their talent acquisition process. Read more
Customer AZKA Industry Facility Management Organization Size Mid-Size (100+ employees) Products and Services SERP HCMS, ERP, Digital Presence Country Saudi Arabia
AZKA specializes in providing comprehensive services to manage and maintain buildings, properties, and facilities, ensuring optimal efficiency and functionality. Their services encompass maintenance, repairs, cleaning, security, and other essential tasks to create a safe, well-operated environment for occupants and visitors. Read more
Customer ESNAD Industry Customer Service and Contact Center Provider Organization Size Mid-Size (500+ employees) Products and Services Genesys Cloud Contact CX platform, SERP HCMS, ERP, Mobilization and Apps, BI for Dashboards Country Saudi Arabia
Discover how ESNAD company partnered with SERP Contact Center CX Solutions Inc. to revolutionize their customer experience. By implementing the Genesys Cloud Contact CX platform, customizing real-time analytics, and providing comprehensive support, ESNAD achieved enhanced customer satisfaction, improved agent productivity, and streamlined operations. Embrace their success story and learn how advanced contact center solutions can drive exceptional results for your business. Read more
Customer Health Links Industry Consultancy company specialized in health care. Organization Size Mid-Size (500+ employees) Products and Services Business Process Optimization Genesys Cloud Contact CX platform Country Saudi Arabia
SERP Provided tailored inbound and outbound call center services that revolutionize customer support and boost operational efficiency. Our unwavering commitment to client success is exemplified through our collaboration with Health Links, an industry-leading enterprise seeking to elevate their customer experience to unprecedented heights. Read more
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Design: Reinvent and prototype new capabilities and breakthrough journeys as part of a program
Deliver: Activate an ecosystem to rapidly deliver at scale
De-risk: Structure the change program, resources and commercial model to reduce operational and financial risk

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