Success Stories

Customer owned of AL RAEDA Recruitment Company
Industry Talent acquisition
Organization Size Mid-Size (50+ employees)
Country Saudi Arabia
AL RAEDA Recruitment Company, a prominent player in the staffing and recruitment industry, faced inefficiencies and delays in their hiring process. Seeking a solution to streamline their recruitment operations, they decided to implement a state-of-the-art Recruitment Portal Solution. The outcome was a remarkable success story, as the company achieved significant improvements in their talent acquisition process.

Key Challenges:

1. Manual Process Overload: The company relied heavily on manual processes for candidate sourcing, screening, and tracking, leading to time-consuming and error-prone procedures.
2. Communication Bottlenecks: Communication gaps among recruitment teams, clients, and candidates led to delays in filling job vacancies.
3. Lack of Real-time Analytics: Absence of real-time data and analytics hindered data-driven decision-making and hindered strategic planning.

Product and Services Implemented:

1. Job Connect Platform: SERP implemented candidate and employer portals (www.JobsInSaudi.Sa) for AL RAEDA, streamlining recruitment with personalized accounts for job seekers and efficient job posting and application management for employers, enhancing the overall recruitment experience.
2. SERP HCMS (Human Capital Management System): SERP implemented an HCMS at AL RAEDA, centralizing HR functions, enabling data-driven decisions, self-service features, and streamlined operations, resulting in enhanced organizational performance and productivity.
3. ERP: AL RAEDA partnered with SERP to deploy a powerful ERP system for Finance and Operations, driving remarkable efficiency improvements through streamlined financial tasks and real-time data visibility, enabling confident, well-informed financial decisions.
4. Mobilization and Apps : User-friendly Employee Self-Service (ESS) implementation enabled convenient access to personal information, managing attendance, leave requests, and administrative tasks, fostering self-sufficiency and reducing workload.
5. BI for Dashboards: AL RAEDA utilized Business Intelligence (BI) for data-driven dashboards, monitoring key performance indicators, and enabling real-time insights. BI optimized recruitment strategies and informed proactive decision-making for business growth.


1. Reduced Time-to-Hire: With automated candidate sourcing and streamlined screening, AL RAEDA Recruitment Company reduced their time-to-hire significantly, filling positions faster for clients.
2. Enhanced Candidate Experience: The Solution provided a user-friendly interface for candidates, enhancing their experience throughout the application process.
3. Improved Quality of Hires: Advanced screening tools helped identify the most suitable candidates, resulting in improved quality of placements and increased client satisfaction.
4. Better Client Relations: Real-time communication and timely updates improved client satisfaction and strengthened relationships with key clients.
5. Increased Productivity: The automation of manual tasks and improved collaboration led to increased productivity among recruiters.
6. Cost Savings: Faster hiring processes and reduced manual efforts translated into cost savings for the company.
7. Market Differentiation: The Solution set AL RAEDA Recruitment Company apart from competitors, establishing them as a leading player in the industry.
8. Scalability: : The scalable nature of the solution allowed AL RAEDA Recruitment Company to handle increasing client demands efficiently.


The successful implementation of the SERP Solution revolutionized AL RAED Recruitment Company's talent acquisition process, enabling them to overcome challenges, enhance productivity, and achieve significant growth. The JobsInSaudi Portal became a pivotal tool in their success story, propelling them to provide top-notch recruitment services and maintain their competitive edge in the staffing industry.