Success Stories

Customer ESNAD
Industry Customer Service and Contact Center Provider
Organization Size Mid-Size (500+ employees)
Country Saudi Arabia
Discover how ESNAD company partnered with SERP Contact Center CX Solutions Inc. to revolutionize their customer experience. By implementing the Genesys Cloud Contact CX platform, customizing real-time analytics, and providing comprehensive support, ESNAD achieved enhanced customer satisfaction, improved agent productivity, and streamlined operations. Embrace their success story and learn how advanced contact center solutions can drive exceptional results for your business.

Key Challenges:

1. Outdated contact center system, limited scalability, and lack of real-time insights.
2. Complex project integration.
3. Inefficient Recruitment Workflow: The company struggled with manual, time-consuming, and error-prone processes for candidate sourcing, screening, tracking, and communication. Additionally, the absence of real-time analytics further hindered data-driven decision-making and strategic planning.

Product and Services Implemented:

1. Genesys Cloud Contact CX platform: SERP successfully implemented Genesys Cloud Contact CX platform and integrated it with Dynamics 365, along with a real-time analytics dashboard. The project ensured a comprehensive solution, enhancing communication capabilities, data analysis, and project efficiency with scalable infrastructure and seamless support.
2. SERP HCMS (Human Capital Management System): SERP HCMS at ESNAD, centralized HR functions and streamlining recruitment, employee records management, performance evaluation, and payroll processing. Data-driven decisions and self-service features improved efficiency and employee experiences, enhancing overall organizational performance.
3. ERP: ESNAD collaborated with SERP for seamless implementation of a robust ERP system, effectively streamlining financial and operational processes. Real-time data visibility empowered well-informed financial decisions, leading to remarkable business transformation and efficiency improvements.
4. Mobilization and Apps: ESNAD benefited from user-friendly ESS implementation, empowering convenient access to personal information and streamlining attendance, leave requests, and administrative services, fostering self-sufficiency and reducing organizational burden.
5. BI for Dashboards: ESNAD effectively utilized BI for data-driven dashboards, monitoring key performance indicators, and facilitating real-time insights. BI empowered proactive decision-making and identified growth opportunities.


1. Cost Savings: The implementation of the Genesys Cloud Contact CX platform and integration with Dynamics 365 lead to cost savings by streamlining communication processes and eliminating redundant systems. Reduced maintenance costs and increased operational efficiency contributed to overall cost savings.
2. Enhanced Customer Experience: with omnichannel capabilities, integration of advanced communication and customer management systems resulted in better customer experiences and increased customer satisfaction, potentially leading to higher customer retention and loyalty.
3. Scalability: The scalable infrastructure provided by the digital transformation allowed the organization to adapt and grow more easily in response to changing business needs and demands.
4. Competitive Advantage: By adopting cutting-edge technologies and optimizing project efficiency, the organization gained a competitive advantage in the market, attracting new customers and business opportunities.
5. Data-driven decisions: Dashboard and detailed reports empowered data-driven decisions, providing valuable insights for strategic planning and optimized operations.
6. Smooth integration: Solutions provided ensures smooth integration with existing projects, creating a seamless workflow that enhances overall efficiency and collaboration.


Genesys Cloud Contact CX transformed ESNAD Corporation's contact center, elevating customer experiences, boosting productivity, and delivering actionable insights. With SERP Cloud CX, fully integrated with Dynamics 365 solutions' and support, ESNAD Corporation embraced a new era of efficient customer service and continued success.