Success Stories

Customer AZKA
Industry Facility Management
Organization Size Mid-Size (100+ employees)
Country Saudi Arabia
AZKA specializes in providing comprehensive services to manage and maintain buildings, properties, and facilities, ensuring optimal efficiency and functionality. Their services encompass maintenance, repairs, cleaning, security, and other essential tasks to create a safe, well-operated environment for occupants and visitors.

Key Challenges:

1. Burdensome Manual Processes: The company faced a heavy reliance on manual procedures for candidate sourcing, screening, and tracking, resulting in time-consuming tasks and potential errors.
2. Absence of Real-time Analytics: The lack of real-time data and analytics hindered data-driven decision-making and strategic planning capabilities

Product and Services Implemented:

1. SERP HCMS (Human Capital Management System): SERP implemented an HCMS at AZKA, centralizing HR functions and enabling data-driven decisions, self-service features, and streamlined operations, resulting in enhanced performance and productivity.
2. ERP: AZKA partnered with SERP to deploy a powerful ERP system for Finance and Operations, resulting in remarkable efficiency improvements and confident, well-informed financial decisions through streamlined tasks and real-time data visibility.
3. Digital Presence: showcasing the company's products, services, and brand identity, while providing easy access to essential information for visitors and potential customers. Through a user-friendly interface and engaging content, the website aims to promote the company's offerings, build credibility, and foster meaningful interactions with its target audience.


1. Optimized Resource Allocation: Real-time insights facilitated efficient resource allocation, reducing wastage, and enhancing project timelines.
2. Increased Revenue: Streamlined processes and improved efficiency allowed the company to take on more projects, leading to revenue growth without compromising quality.
3. Significant Cost Savings: The SERP solution minimized manual work and eliminated redundancies, resulting in substantial cost savings for AZKA


The collaborative effort between SERP and AZKA to implement digital solutions successfully addressed key challenges faced by facility management companies. The digital transformation led to enhanced efficiency, proactive maintenance, data-driven decision-making, improved customer satisfaction, and substantial cost savings. AZKA's investment in digital solutions exemplifies the potential of technology in elevating facility management operations, optimizing resource utilization, and driving overall organizational success.