Success Stories

Customer SAED Group
Industry Human Resources Services
Organization Size Large (1,000 - 9,999 employees)
Country Saudi Arabia
SAED Group is Manpower Company, a leading provider of Human Resources Services, faced challenges in managing their extensive operations efficiently. They struggled with manual processes, lack of real-time data, and disjointed communication. To overcome these hurdles, they decided to implement ERP solutions, which ultimately led to remarkable success and growth.

Key Challenges:

1. Manual Processes: The company relied heavily on manual processes for payroll, invoicing, and candidate tracking, leading to errors, delays, and inefficiencies.
2. Disjointed Systems: Various departments worked in silos, leading to fragmented data and hampered decision-making processes.
3. Limited Visibility: Lack of real-time data made it challenging to track projects, performance, and overall business health.

Product and Services Implemented:

1. SERP HCMS (Human Capital Management System): implemented an HCMS to optimize HR processes and attract, develop, and retain talent. The integrated solution centralized candidate management, employee records, and payroll processing, streamlining HR operations and improving data accuracy.
2. ERP: SAED Group partnered with SERP to implement a customized ERP system for Finance and Operations, optimizing critical processes and achieving greater efficiency. The integrated ERP streamlined financial operations, including accounts payable and receivable, and provided real-time financial data visibility, enabling prompt decision-making.
3. Mobilization and Apps: Mobilization services, supported by Employee Self-Service (ESS) and Labour Apps, improve workforce deployment and management. These Apps empower employees to access personal information, manage attendance, leave requests, and other services, fostering self-sufficiency and reducing administrative burdens.
4. Portals: Implemented Customer and Agent Portals for personalized communication, enhancing client engagement with access to candidate profiles, attendance, leave, and EOS requests. Agent Portals optimized candidate management, fostering improved communication and data-driven decision-making for SAED's Group Recruitment agents.
5. Robotics: implemented Robotics for daily tasks, automating repetitive processes like Iqama Issuance and Renewal, QIWA Contract creations to name a few. The integration optimized resource utilization, reduced operational costs, and ensured error-free performance, enhancing overall operational efficiency.
6. BI for Dashboards: leveraged BI for data-driven dashboards and reports, enabling monitoring of key performance indicators, project statuses, and gaining valuable insights. The interactive dashboards facilitated real-time data access, driving proactive decision-making, identifying growth opportunities, and optimizing recruitment strategies.
7. CRM (Customer Relationship Management): Implemented robust CRM system centralizing client interactions, enhancing customer relationship management, satisfaction, and seamless communication, fostering long-term relationships with valued clients and stakeholders.


1. Enhanced Efficiency: With automated processes, SAED Group witnessed a significant increase in operational efficiency, leading to faster payroll processing and reduced billing cycles.
2. Improved Communication: The SERP systems facilitated smooth communication among departments, streamlining collaboration and ensuring everyone was on the same page.
3. Better Resource Utilization: Real-time insights enabled optimal resource allocation, resulting in reduced wastage and improved project timelines.
4. Increased Customer Satisfaction: Timely and accurate services led to improved customer satisfaction and strengthened their reputation in the market.
5. Revenue Growth: The streamlined processes and improved efficiency resulted in increased revenue, as the company could take on more projects without compromising quality.
6. Cost Savings: By reducing manual work and eliminating redundancies, the SERP solution helped SAED Group save costs significantly.
7. Productivity Gains: Automation and streamlined processes enhanced employee productivity, leading to higher output and efficiency.
8. Better Decision-Making: Access to real-time data and advanced analytics enabled data-driven decision-making, leading to more strategic choices and reduced risks.
9. Innovation and Agility: SERP implemented solution result in SAED group Digital transformation enabling organization to be more innovative, adaptable, and responsive to market changes.
10. Market Leadership: With enhanced capabilities and satisfied customers, the company established itself as a market leader in the workforce solutions industry.


The successful implementation of SERP solutions transformed SAED Group Manpower Company's operations, empowering them to overcome challenges, achieve operational excellence, and experience substantial growth. The SERP systems became the backbone of their success, enabling them to provide exceptional services and maintain their competitive edge in the market.